Kababayan Ko is a Filipino Social Networking Community.

In English, Kababayan Ko means "My Countrymen".

We are building a solid foundation. We are moving forward in revolutionizing the way we communicate and connect globally. We are committed to make our Filipino Family and Friends globally to be united using our KababayanKo Social Networking Site as our solid platform.

Kababayan Ko's main goal is to let Filipinos from around the world communicate with each other. To stay in contact with our loved ones, to meet new friends, and to know how our co Filipinos in other countries live their lives.

Members are welcome to join, whether you are a pure Filipino, or mixed blood between a Filipino mother or father and another foreigner parent or a friend of our Kababayan.

We want to acknowledge your natural talents by writing articles or blogs, designing your own personal profile, showing your other funny side by cracking jokes to your friends or feeling alone on the other side of the earth. We would also appreciate small talks or chats with you, discussing certain topics in forums, or just by simply exchanging our life stories, out of our own homeland, with each other.

Our goal is to make our 3C's (Connect, Communicate and Compliments) to work for all of our Kababayan around the world.