xing wang
by on April 4, 2018
Minnesota is famous both at home and abroad for its reputation as the “State of Wanhu Lake,” and folks have also circulated “the next snow season in one year, the second half of the year”, “Most people can't leave Mingzhou because they can’t start a locomotive,” etc. The rumors, but Minnesota has an indisputable fact that it has been given the title of "Hockey Puck" with its abundant snow and ice resources (
As a model for American ice hockey, the Minnesota ice hockey player training system is quite complete, from youth to adulthood, from male to female, from amateur to professional. The construction of the ice hockey system in Minnesota can be said to have become a prominent pioneer in the United States. Thanks to a thick hockey atmosphere, countless ice hockey teenagers in Minnesota benefit, and men, women and children enjoy the charm of ice hockey.
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