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by on June 22, 2020
Animal crossing is my childhood memory. Octavian was dealing with such a cranky villager as Rolf. Phyllis is the perfect embodiment of anyone who has worked in customer service anywhere. Shift work is very long, the salary is garbage, and customers are sometimes bad. When I realized the rent, I even hated Tom Knock, the capitalist's mouthpiece. I was very happy to buy animal crossing bells at ACBellsBuy, which relieved me a lot of pressure.
When the outbreak happened, I went back to Animal Crossing again. I created Sloth Isle, which is a lovely place. Jake came to help me weed the north side of the island. He also borrowed my ladder so that I could cross the steep area of ​​Sloth Isle and put Nook's store on the edge of a steep cliff.
I went to visit Jack at Valeria. His residence is lovely, he has many lovely island residents, he has fences and unique designs. He opened a tailor shop in Able Sisters. He even has a gym behind the house. I also have a garbage camping bed. He helped me buy more furniture and clothes.
After visiting each other's islands, we gave each other gifts. I feel more connected with other people. Even if I can't see Jake face to face, we can see each other in the game. We even visited the museum together. Things we like to do before locking. We used to go to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. When we turned, we suddenly faced Stanley Spencer's bare self-portrait. Jack began to laugh hysterically and almost got kicked out. In the Switch, we sat next to each other in the museum, looking at different fossils. I miss my best friend. I haven't seen him for a long time. But I think I am with him now.
We fished together, chatted with the islanders together, and stimulated Tom Nook together...this is a dream come true. We chat and play Switch at the same time. Mainly Jack sent me a message telling me to follow him because I was behind. We tried clothes together at the Able Sisters store, and Jake's reaction surprised me again. I still miss him very much. But when I put down the Switch, such a big smile appeared on my face. I feel extremely happy.
Now, every time I play animal crossing, I will start to update my island so that he will like it more when Jack visits. I have built a plot of land for the new islanders I want to introduce his new house (cocoa does not come). The day after Jack’s visit, the islanders will talk about meeting him. This makes me happy. If there is no "new horizon", it is difficult for me to get rid of the feeling of isolation during the lock-in period. I'm glad I bought it; this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. At the same time, I am also very grateful to acbellsbuy.com. Buy Animal Crossing Bells here has really saved me a lot of time and better enjoyed the game.
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