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by on November 1, 2018
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<p>Why did I force myself to stop One: because I don want to watch the best anime I have right now. As ever, I like to save the best last. Though defining is somewhat difficult in circumstances like these given the constant flow of new anime. A core partnership was formed back in December 2016 by CW and a group of companies Everynet, the LoRa Alliance,</p>
<p> Iotic Labs, and Smart Cambridge and has been supported by Cambridge University and several high profile mentors.Each of the 10 selected SMEs will be offered a number of opportunities including free CW membership, training and development kits to support deployment on the LoRaWAN network and showcasing opportunity to Everynet's extensive client list. </p>
<p>Cambridge Ahead has donated a cash prize of which will be awarded to the winner and runner up, while Barclays Eagle Lab is providing free incubation space to the winner.This is why there's shock shortage of software engineers in CambridgeFaye Holland, project chair of Cambridge Ahead's connectivity project group said: "</p>
<p>We are delighted to support the IotUKBoost LPWAN Competition. Cambridge Ahead's vision is for Cambridge to be the pre eminent, small city in the world leading by example and initiatives like this encourage innovation, disruption and creative thinking."Transport, Connectivity and Quality of Life are critical to the sustainable growth of our city and this competition is an exciting step towards this.<br />
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