Jamie Jones
by on July 2, 2020
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During recent decades there has been growing public and scientific interest into the applications of Buddhist practices and principles for improving psychological wellbeing, and for enhancing psychosocial functioning more generally. Although there is a growing and credible evidence base that supports the utility of Buddhist techniques for treating specific mental health issues, these techniques were originally taught by the Buddha in the context of a spiritual path, and with the complete liberation from suffering as the ultimate goal. Consequently, an increasing number of researchers, scholars, and Buddhist teachers have raised concerns that the manner in which Buddhist meditation techniques are being taught and practised in Western mental health settings bears little or no resemblance to the traditional Buddhist approach. Furthermore, concerns have also been raised over the extent to which the average researcher and teacher of secular Buddhist derived interventions (BDIs) has an accurate and grounded understanding of the basic principles of Buddhist meditation. Findings from this thesis demonstrate that BDIs when correctly taught and administered may be effective treatments for a range of mental health issues including schizophrenia, pathological gambling, work addiction, and work related stress. However, perhaps of greater significance, findings demonstrate that if Western research and mental health disciplines truly wish to assimilate and make use of Buddhist practices as part of alleviating human suffering and advancing understanding of the mind, then it is vital that empirical investigations look beyond the superficial attributes of these spiritual practices and seek to identify the cooperating and underlying psycho spiritual properties that are traditionally assumed to authenticate them.
I don't know how many times I have seen almost the exact same description for a guild and it basically goes something like this: Bloodsworn is a casual adult legion that is friendly and active. We are helpful and make groups together for PvE events. This is really not good enough if you are trying to attract people to your guild. It is like so many other guild descriptions I have seen in every game I have played. Even if you are running your first guild or legion, take some time to think about what types of things you want to do with other players, what your legion offers that other's do not, what events you will have and if you are focused on PvE, PvP or both. You can look online at any number of websites and read other people's descriptions, charters, and rules to give you ideas. And this is because most good guiilds have a website. We will speak about website creation later but for now, here is my guild charter for my most successful guild. Have a look at it in the next section.
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