Mill Neo
by on November 3, 2018
I thought these people were supposed to nerf ascension classes, not driving them to OP.
I mean Hierophrant is completely rigged if this comes as it designed to, totem builds already triviliaze content, and today taking all drawback off and giving permanent arcane surge at the surface of that...jesus..
Do team even play the game past act 1?
I kinda hoped they might have nerfed ascension classes, not buffed em. Or at least i am hoping they'll make scion playable again.
Again 2 day of the league and folks are selling shaper and Uber elder kills...
Heiro ailment immunity is overboard, rest all looks pretty great I'd happily play a build with these (even guardian I guess).
I just believe if you compare heiro on the other class that gets ailment immunity (raider) heiro has fantastic defensive options.
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