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by on July 20, 2020
Harriet the poodle might be absent from New Horizons (up until this point), yet she's simply appeared in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as a component of a top notch thing that you would now be able to buy for your record. (Harriet works at Shampoodle, a salon in past Animal Crossing games that permits you to change your character's physical appearance.)
Harriet's Salon Station costs 300 Leaf Tickets to buy, and it will be created in a split second in the event that you choose to get it. When you place this thing at your campground or lodge, Harriet will show up close to it for you to converse with (You can likewise put this thing in your camper as a beautification, however Harriet won't show up close to it.)Harriet can say heaps of various expressions, however it's conceivable you'll see states on different occasions in case you're attempting to discover them all.
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