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by on July 27, 2020
"Due to major programming delays, this will certainly not happen this year"
Grinding Gear Games announced that due to delays related to the coronavirus, the Beta version of Road to Escape 2 will be released next year. The POE Currency system will not change.
In a new forum post, the developers reduced the likelihood of the 2020 beta version, which was first mentioned when they announced "Path of Exile 2" in 2019. "Due to the significant impact, this year will definitely not happen due to the pandemic causing program delay," the post has been read. "We are focused on getting our league as close as possible, which means that the sequel will be delayed."
The developers also addressed the path of exile, with Harvest’s latest expansion postponed by a week and the status of future updates. "We usually operate in a 13-week development cycle, with one expansion every season. Since Harvest requires 14 weeks of development, this means that if we don’t adjust the schedule, the expansion in September and December will It will be very late in these months."
He added that the subsequent September extended version (currently unnamed) "may be good, but for the December extended version, Christmas is approaching danger, because many of our staff will have free time to spend with them. On the body. Family. Fewer developers will help solve problems at any time."
However, the developer has warned that the release window "may still change, so please do not book your spare time until we can more safely confirm the launch date."
Grinding Gear also hopes to provide a Path Of Exile Mac port this year. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
In other news about Dungeon Crawlers, Blizzard Entertainment recently released a quarterly update for game director Luis Barriga's upcoming action role-playing game "Diablo 4". It covers the details of Camp's mechanics, Buy POE Currency and how multiplayer games work.
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