Timmy Xu
by on August 5, 2020
A saline is a specific form of water used in nebulizers. Never fill your nebulizer with tap or distilled water. You can visit this website https://www.eleemedical.com for detailed information.
A nebulizer is a device that changes a liquid solution into a vapor or mist for inhalation, and there are usually two varieties: the compressor type and the ultrasonic type. The ultrasonic type is generally faster and more efficient since it has no air compressor. This also makes it much quieter when it is running, though it tends to be more expensive, too. The two varieties take liquid in similar ways, though they have nuanced differences when it comes to how much to use, as well as how and where to put it. In either scenario, you will typically use saline the same way you’d use a liquid medication.
It’s normally pretty easy to use saline in a nebulizer, though to get started you’ll want to be sure to read the instructions that came with the device so that you know what you’re dealing with; taking a few steps to ensure the right solution proportions and volume can be helpful, too. Most nebulizers can be used with saline or inhaled medications, often interchangeably. A saline is a good option for people who want to try something natural, or who want a break from their medication for a while without losing the benefits of a clearer airway. In most cases, you use saline the same way you’d use a medication, which is to say that you pour it into the device’s fluid receptacle and wait for the vapor. You can buy a prepared solution or make your own, and it’s important to thoroughly clean the machine after each use to prevent build-up.
Some tips about the nebulizer:
Don’t nebulize while you’re sleeping
Don’t loosen the face mask
Don’t sterilize the ampoule using “heat”
It’s very important to keep the nebulizer clean