Timmy Xu
by on August 5, 2020
Ames infrared thermometer manual, let you use Ames infrared thermometer better. You can visit this website https://www.eleemedical.com for detailed information.
1. Owner’s Manual & Safety Instructions Save
Keep the user manual, you can view the safety warnings and precautions at any time.
2. Manual catalog
The entire manual is divided into six parts, including Safety, Specifications, Setup, Operation, Maintenance, Warranty.
3. Safety
Tells about 24 kinds of safety situations that we will encounter in the process of using, we must take it in mind.
4. Specifications
5. Setup
The meaning of different keys, some settings that should be done before using.
6. Operation
General Operating Instructions:Setup,Thermocouple Type (TypE),Offset,Auto power-Off (p),System Time Setting (S-T),power Frequency Setting (LinE),Normal Temperature compensation (NTc),Manual calibration (cAL),calibration Instructio.
Measurement Operation: Temperature Measurement, Data Hold, Maximum, Average, and Minimum Value Measurements.
7. Maintenance
Procedures not specifically explained in the manual must be performed only by a qualified technician: cleaning, Maintenance, and Lubrication, Battery Replacement, calibration.
Limited 90 Day Warranty.