Mill Neo
by on November 23, 2018
Thank you for your thoughts on trading GGG.
My biggest problem with trading however has not been addressed, pricefixers.
Would it be possible for the api to track how many times a listed item at a set price has had requested trades for and display this number in the listing?
This could alert players that some one was not actually selling it and thus keep others from listing the items at that price.
Thank you for a good read. Looking forward to see how this will pan out.
One thing though: Items matter - well yeah currently it's way to easy to farm for really good endgame gear setups because of the numerous all-round great uniques in the game. I don't have to craft a good bow.
I buy a Lioneye's / Death's Opus / Windripper / Chin-Sol / etc. I don't craft or buy a good rare that someone put an effort into to crafting.
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