xing wang
by on April 19, 2018
In the frontcourt, one team leader is Steven Stanks, the team’s top team Nikita Kuklov and JT Miller, and the second team is Breiden Boyt’s partner Taylor Johnson and Andrey Paar. Lat, the three groups are Alex Gould with Alex Crohn and Anthony Kirrey, and the fourth with Ryan Callahan, Chris Kunitz and Cedric Paquet . In the last game, Paraté of the second group scored 1 goal and sent 2 assists. His state of rejuvenation made the team more capable in terms of manning. The appearance of the first three forwards was very balanced, showing that the Lightning team had enough spare capacity (
In the backcourt, one team is Victor-Hadman partner Dan Gilati, the second is Ann Stromman partner Ryan McDonough, and the third is Brayden Colburn partner Micar Shelgachev. In the backcourt, both McDonnell and Herdman have a sense of presence on both ends of the offense and defense. Only the three groups of Sergeychov's playing time although improved to 12 minutes, but he and Gilati's playing time is very little, showing coach Jon Cooper has no confidence in their defensive ability, perhaps Will become a lightning team's hidden dangers. In the position of the goalkeeper, teenager André Vassilevski made 41 saves against 44 shots in the last game and the save rate reached 93.2%. His performance will continue to support the Lightning team's play on the court.
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