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by on September 19, 2020
Usd/ Mxn – Is There A Further Extended Drop?
Interesting to see the green buck has lost ground against the Mexican peso after a really strong bull rally and price has reached and being held at the trading month of June low level price handle of 21.49428.To get more news about https://www.wikifx.com/ WikiFX</a></b>, you can visit wikifx official website.
  Currently, the market sentiment may suggest that there is a strong bearish or selling pressure with a much defined descending channel makings lower high and lower lows which can be viewed really by the market participant on the 4 hour chart. In addition, sellers may be dictating their intention when they broke past the 200 MA and retested it as a resistance confluence band.
Now, is this a pair a good swing selling opportunity for swing and position traders? Very highly likely as the sellers made a dash past the trading month of June low level with a strong red momentum candle during the close of yesterday trading session.
  Of course, ones discretion and risk management is advised.
<a href="http://activities.wikifx.com/download/index5.html"><img src="https://wzimg.fx696.com/guoji/2020-09-10/637353536481212102/ART637353536481212102_717054.png-wikifx_articlepic"></a>;
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