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And it is disproportionate to the cost of the services these shops perform, such as payment processing, download bandwidth, and client services."According to Epic, it would have likewise offered Fortnite for iOS through its own site if it managed to, but the closed character of Apple's ecosystem prevented that.Another benefit of offering Fortnite via its own platform, Epic says, is that it allows the studio to"bring its games directly to customers."
When it rolls out for Android, users will have the ability to go to Epic's website and get the game from there. But if you are hoping to play the sport on Android, then you will need to have a handset that is newer, as Epic states that the game requires a"recent high-end Android smartphone"The iOS edition of Fortnite has been a significant success for Epic since it arrived on the platform back . It has allegedly crossed 100 million downloads on iOS alone and rakes in $2 million daily.
While Epic hasn't shared any buy Maplestory M Mesos footage of this Android version in action yet, you may take a look at how the game operates on iOS in the movie above.Fortnite for Android is now here, after Epic Games announced that the match will soon be available for owners of the Samsung smartphones.A wider release will probably come next month but Fortnite's developer has decided to not make the popular game available through Google Play, meaning Android users could be exposed to online scammers seeking to generate a profit with imitation versions.
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney clarified his company's decision to not utilize Google's official platform, asserting that the tech giant took a disproportionate cut of the sales through its store. "Epic's objective would be to bring its games straight to customers," Mr Sweeney told Eurogamer. Competition among providers gives consumers plenty of great choices and empowers the very best to succeed according to merit"
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