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by on January 17, 2019
Have a look at my scorecard from last night around midnight. With nine kills and a third-place position, I'm a veritable killing machine.
Right following this game I booted up to rank 10, and after that position 11 where I am at now. But what I observed from the other players at the last 40 was a very different playstyle than that which I had seen the night before.
The other players on the map were hiding a whole lot more, and moving a whole lot less. They responded to the noise of footsteps more intelligently. The final engagements performed very differently, with nearly all players sticking into the edge of the circle and just sometimes poking their heads out of cover. Essentially, people were enjoying more like ... people. They were displaying the kinds of strategies and behaviors which have been proven effective in the year since Battlegrounds went live on PC.
And that is alright. I didn't have any less fun. In fact, I had more fun getting fewer kills and end up with a sixth spot because the enemies had been behaving in harder
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