xing wang
by on May 29, 2018
So, along with players being able to create and share their own missions with other players, this new update will also open up the Ground Forces content for current players which, as you might have guessed based on the name, means tanks, tanks and more tanks (
As for the creation tools, players will be able to fine-tune the look of their planes by adding various bits of flair here and there, or creating their very own full skin to show off in the virtual skies. Update 1.39 will also give access to a stand-alone maps and missions editor, where they can simply tweak existing War Thunder maps or create their very own landscapes for other players to explore.
And how’s about them squadron battles and new planes? According to Gaijin, this new mode will offer competitive events for player-created factions while Update 1.39 will also grant access to another 18 aircraft for players to unlock and enjoy. There’s also a new “Battle of Kursk” mission based on a historical battle that took place in 1943, when the Soviets defeated the German strategic offensive and turned the tide on the Eastern Front. Players will be able to compete against AI-controlled tanks and pilots in order to relive this historic battle.
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