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by on March 6, 2019
The stone portable crusher adopts advanced vehicle-mounted mobile technology to assemble and install the equipment to form an independent production line, which can enter and appear at will and save a lot of time for users. The portable crusher plant can effectively operate all kinds of high hardness ores, such as bluestone, basalt, granite, River pebble, iron ore, quartzite and so on. The upgrading and transformation of the internal structure and appearance of the crusher greatly improves its application scope, multi-purpose machine and saves investment cost.
The structure is advanced and more intelligent. This equipment has advanced design, high intelligence, folding and assembling of many kinds of equipment. When it arrives at the scene, it can expand freely and assemble into a complete production line. It can be produced at any time without infrastructure construction. It has high automation and advanced intelligence.
Remote control saves manpower. The portable crusher plant is equipped with PLC remote control system, which can monitor the operation status of the equipment remotely and intelligently, realize the unattended production on the spot, keep abreast of the situation on the spot, adjust the production instructions according to the demand, be fast and efficient, and equipments have automatic alarm devices, promptly remind users, and prevent major failures of the equipment.
Energy saving, environmental protection and less pollution. Nowadays, with more and more stringent environmental protection, the vehicle-mounted mobile stone crusher can still operate normally. It has less noise, less pollution, less impact on the environment and sustainable green production.
portable crusher plant: https://www.sbmchina.com/s-crushing/portable-crushing-plant.html
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