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by on March 13, 2019
Google Earth is a software application, and like most software it can stop working runescape gold by freezing or crashing. Google provides help on how to troubleshoot the common problems of Google Earth on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Visit a help center web site or click "Help" in Google Earth Help menu. (MORE)
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Someone: do ::pickup 7500 1 !!!.(then you do ::pickup 7500 or around that, if you know what I mean.).Hope this helps. .There is a web site add me i cant remember the site right now but add derrick13 or derrick14 and ill tell you the website and codes (MORE)Where do you type codes to get free items?
1. first you must buy either a toy or book that has the unlock free items logo on. 2. next go to the club penguin website home and next to the penguin having his picture painted by the yellow puffle you will see the unlock free items logo. 3. click on the unlock free items logo. 4. 5. if you have a book click the one you have then answer the question but if you have an item type in the code that comes with it. 7. You will then see what you have unlocked. (MORE)
What is the codes in fantage rare items?When you go to fantage "Wizard Domain" click on what is on the top of the scrren it will show how to get the rare codes and what items TO get. You can get rare items by playing games around wizards domain and the forest. But you can buy gems with e coins and you can get any rare item (Whether your a member or non).
RARE ITEMS: Nom Nom Nom Shirt Pink Balloon T shirt Teal Blue Short Short Pink skirt Gypsy Outfit Red Flower Sandals Short Brown Hair, Red Shaggy Hair, Senorita Hair, Cleopatra Hair, Common Pagegirl Hat, Bumble Bee Board, Minty Green Board, Speedy Board, Blue Polka Dot Shirt, Classic Train, Golden Prom Dress, Red High Heels, 2010 Headband, Pumpkin Head w/ Red Bow,
Harlequin Costume, Girly Pink Cat Costume , Peppermint Girl Costume, Clown Girl Costume, Animated Shimmering Blonde, Pig Board, Fire extinguisher Board, Pink Shell Board, Gold Medallions,shimmering blond (the hair tht flows in the wind) (note if u want a hair u should try getting white gems since most of the hair are in the legendary category) Mythical items: flower drop hair, Moonstone: roller skating girl, (Some of these items won't be there by the time your reading this) (MORE)
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