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by on March 14, 2019
What are the challenges when incorporating a new zone that is completely submerged, you faced? An city of the size was a huge endeavor for our art and design teams. We held several meetings on what Atlantis would look like defining the facts, feel like, and the way we would deliver this immersive experience into a multiplayer 3D space.
Tiny details such as lighting look different once you are hundreds of feet. Special concerns were taken on how that you move (that is when we decided swimming was necessary!) Because we wanted the experience. Even a number of the boss fights take place! This All influenced design thought such as details like undercurrents pushing players into wall spikes -- about their mechanisms.
This is one of the expansions to hit DCUO because its launch, can you speak about how advances in technology have changed the game as it's initial release over 7 years ago? On the visuals and gameplay, we have pushed the pub with Atlantis. The world city that is open is a sight to behold -- absolutely jaw-dropping.
What's your relationship with the DC cinematic universe as well as the DC comic books and how is that reflected in your game design and how does it contain on your expansions and patches? We've got an exceptional relationship with DC Comics who allow us to do truly incredible things .
Wedeveloped a tremendous amount of trust and've been working with them since day one. And like using the Atlantis Episode this winter and the Teen Titans Episode last summer, we strive to be a part of the plan for the DC Universe and its possessions.
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