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by on March 16, 2019
After completing narrative events that are crucial in the endgame, players will come face to face with a new and lethal enemy faction: The Black Tusks. The Dark Tusks are a paramilitary unit. Similar to the other factions, they have their own goals. But they are deadly and far more organized. Eight new archetypes, which will change the way players strategy combat are introduced by this faction. In order to stand a chance against this faction, teamwork is paramount.
Black Tusks infiltrate each action, refreshing and changing the way players participate with the entire game. They bring activities like aerial drone patrols brand new settlements, and control points that are new. The team also enters the occupied Dark Zones and bring renewed fighting across Washington D.C.
In order to better confront the Black Tusks, The Division 2 introduces players to three new endgame specializations. Each of those comes with also a unique skill tree and an signature weapon to unlock. The specializations include: the Sharpshooter, the Survivalist, and also the Demolitionist.
The Survivalist includes a custom crossbow, a 50 caliber sniper rifle is carried by the Sharpshooter, and also the Demolitionist includes a launcher. Players pick these specializations . Users aren't locked into a specialty and can switch between them. This allows for deeper build optimization. Progress in a specialty talent tree is stored and players may max all of them out.
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