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by on April 8, 2019
That is to say, your 7-foot monster of a center will not be rushing down the court and shooting very many three-point shots. Find out which route you would like to go based on your personal playstyle. People who need pure shooters can look to become point guards and shooting guards, dunkers must play around with being a center, even though a power forward is an excellent candidate for being an all-around offensive and defensive creature.
But feature points are not the only way you go about upgrading your player. You can drastically change the way that your character performs by means of badges. Badges are earned and upgraded purely throughout gameplay. Yes, this means that is the one thing you may make in the game that is not directly connected to VC, and they're a pretty major thing.
To earn a badge, then you must perform a movement or reach a milestone connected with that. For instance, the Limitless Range badge makes it more likely your shots from well beyond the three-point line will probably go in, and you earn it by creating 50 shots while outside the line. Each badge is rated from Bronze to Hall of Fame level, with some able to be upgraded past their first position. And as with features, there are particular badges you will not have the ability to get with specific places and archetypes.
This is a far cry in the system of old in which you needed to look up badge conditions and still not know whether you were really on the road to unlocking or updating them.
When it comes down to it, you won't get much in NBA 2K19 if you can't perform on the court. Below are a few general tips to remember as you're attempting to score baskets.Like most team-based sports games, passing the ball to your teammates is a critical part of success. Nobody man or woman has ever won a game on their own.If you can not get open, do not force yourself to take the shot (unless, obviously, the shot clock is about to expire). Pass the ball to a open guy. That could be just one quick pass as many as 20 of them in one possession. However frequently you need to dish it about, take action and choose the smarter shot.
On defense, we recommend playing on the ball in any way times. Playing with"on ball" means you want to control whichever guardian is guarding the current ball carrier.While that your AI teammates can sometimes create a wonderful play on the ball themselves, you'll give yourself the best chance at forcing a turnover, blocking a shot, or even just contesting a shot if you are the one commanding the closest defender.
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