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by on April 8, 2019
If last weekend's dual XP event was not sufficient for you, you may be pleased to know there's a Summer Festival event currently running in Bluehole's MMORPG TERA.
The priests of the Consos Clan want help to cleanse the region of the vermin from the temple rooms and courtyards. Players will make ingredients to make sweet iced desserts, while each finished event will reward Medallions that may be redeemed for summertime accessories, magical substances, or max-level Slaughter gear. The quests change every day and are randomised. Unfortunately, they're also just open to figures who are at level 48 or above.
Splash Cannon puts players in control of a water gun to take out the demons waiting from the sea for unsuspecting swimmers. Red monsters earn parts, while blue monsters deduct points, so be careful with that aim. Watermelon blindfolds personalities, that must then slice through watermelons while preventing the wooden barrels. Finally, Sandcastles tasks players with constructing as many castles as possible before time runs out. Should you assemble enough castles, you'll get magic items letting you build sandcastles everywhere.
Surprised by how much I am loving this game, simple to pick up.Any TA guilds to get Tera? Have a level 30ish healer and a 20ish gunner.Nice to listen to it's for level 48, I attracted a character to level 47 throughout the double XP weekend! I love the game too, particularly the dungeons, but it is so poorly optimized on One with plenty of lags, and it's also tough to find folks to play .
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