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by on April 25, 2019
Fans are attributing meddling in the development of Blizzard on Activision, bringing out the fact that Blizzard does not have a CEO. While the internal workings of Activision Blizzard are not quite known to the public and asserting that Activision conducts Blizzard could be unfounded right now, the same consumer did point out blunders Blizzard either walked or was pressured into throughout 2018.
By way of example, there are mentions of Battle for Azeroth being published in an unfinished state, the infamous Diablo Immortal statement for cellular and the profit-driven maturation of Planet of Warcraft.Specific cases include a mount that is exclusive to the six-month subscription bundle and nine things in the in-game store being retired so as to lure more gamers into purchasing them, probably in an effort to pad stats, even in a similar way Lightcap mentioned in their correspondence.
I took these 2 instances of player masses demonstrating their dissatisfaction with World of Warcraft simply because they are the most recent ones, but the neighborhood has been disillusioned with the sport for a while now.
Then how can an ordinary player do so if content creators can not find fun with a match? The disconnect between their players and Blizzard has never been so high. It's almost as if the sales and marketing people took decision making more than product people.
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