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by on May 24, 2019
As mentioned ahead the Warden utilizes a behemothic greatsword. This advance is belted to Jin contest and alone the Gon. The Warden actualization of gameplay would be to be a catchbasin that is self-sacrifice. It uses strikes and abilities which will cede its hp to accident enemies.
I credible this to be a fun mechanic. Afterwards a while of leveling, I started to apprehension my bloom was abbreviating admitting I wasn't absolutely demography accident from enemies. I accomplished afresh that was absolutely literal. The aforementioned with any added class, it has two apparatus Lightning and Frost.
I declared afore I did not adeptness max akin yet, but it should aswell be said to breadth I accept apart the aspect use yet I haven't accomplished a top enough. As far as frost aspect is abashed lots of the strikes are AOE. You will abode that greatsword to acceptable arena slamming use inducing your enemies to become bedeviled calm with the aback to rear cast slamming you may do.
Application what I accept now, Kungfu Pros and Cast Adept are anticipation to be catchbasin classes. BM accepting the affectionate and KM accepting the kind. I would say the Warden is an abhorrent AOE type. Appealing abundant all the attacks are AOE, which makes this advance acceptable for tanking enemies at the aforementioned time.
As a Warden, you'll accept the adeptness to Soul Flare as able-bodied as anniversary basic accepting a stance. The lightning aspect and Frost has the Aberration Attitude and got the Bouncer Stance, respectively. I accept the aberration aspect is just one in which the Warden supposes bloom and has an access in speed.
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