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by on May 25, 2019
When they brought this to life for the first time this past year, I'll be fair, I was excited, however it is not worth it whatsoever. This season, the demand was 100 wins in Pro-Am and Rec with over a .500 win percent. As soon as you finished that you were placed into the mix with a player of your choice and place at an 80 entire to compete.
Let me tell you this was a waste of time and how my teammates and I've been distant from the mix. You can not play with your friends, so in other words, you need to play randoms. The amount of headaches and missing games are as bad as those rec games where gamers just throw any jump shot. Everybody would like to be out the man to the court, forgetting the target is to acquire and get a fantastic teammate grade. Everyone is so worried about numbers they forget about team play. I'd much rather play with the very same men I have been playing for years.
And of course there are only 50 places, and teams already have their players chosen before the combine starts. An overall disappointment 2K! I have heard many folks in the 2K community whine of leveling up their participant. Constant gameplay for a month-and-half will only move the bar an inch. Those four clinics, hour-long rec games, and park games just aren't enough to see an improvement. This is one of the main reasons why people quit playing; they see no real change.
Bear in mind those"Road to the Finals" championships which caused you to get on and practice throughout the week for yourself prepped and ready to get an all-day affair on Saturday? I haven't seen that because 2K15, and I've lost motivation to play because there's nothing to play with for.If 2K executed this back into the game and added more championships like this, the game would see more traction. A massive area of the 2K community is Pro-Am, and it seems like there's no emphasis on this particular game mode.
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