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by on June 22, 2018
May you save more on RS3gold. The RS3gold Team Be Menaphos Insiders for Secrets of RuneScape Menaphos.Many players must have great interest in RuneScape Menaphos, and now you have a chance to learn more about Menaphos earlier than others, if you are a Menaphos Insider. Besides, on the official Facebook of RuneScape you can try to guess what character you are in Menaphos.What are Menaphos Insiders?Jagex is creating a Discord server of Menaphos Insiders. If you sign up to become a Menaphos Insider, you can learn the secrets of Menaphos - the Golden City in advance.
Besides you can also share your ideas on the unique server for Insiders. And the information that you get as an Insider can be shared with others by yourself, but Jagex won’t. Do remember if you become an Insider, you can receive the information from May 4.What requirements are there to become a Menaphos Insider?There are no particular requirements to sign up, for they want various kinds of players to join, and they will make sure all platforms are included. Please note that the selection is based on the community platform you use and your interests etc., so you should answer all the questions they ask if you have great interest in this.
What if Insiders don’t share their information with others?Actually it’s an experiment for all of us. Jagex just wants to know what will happen if only some players know the unique information. And there is no need to be worried if you don’t know the information at the first time, for the information shared on the unique server isn't game-breaking. What’s more, in case the information is not shared finally, Jagex will do the job at the right time.
What character are you in Menaphos?In the following weeks, we will see some familiar faces and some new characters in Menaphos. If you want to know which one is suitable for your personality, you can try the new quiz on RuneScape offical Facebook.Try your best to become a Menaphos Insider for more news about Menaphos, and if you want to buy RS Gold, try RS3gold. The RS3gold Team Claim Free TH Keys in Twitch Prime to Win Runescape Rainbow Cape