Xin Sun
by on August 20, 2019
Cosplayer CariokaGo blithely captures the antic architecture of Sakura's Dejected Star Costume. Worn by the abracadabra babe at the alpha of Cardcaptor Sakura The Cine 2: The Closed Card, it's a adventurous abandonment from Sakura's accepted pinks, whites, and reds. Complete with a draping White poncho, the baroque dejected dress with chicken trim and long-tailed hat is evocative of her accepted Water Jester Apparel from the show's aboriginal season.
Decorated with stars, it beautifully coordinates with her Sealing Wand. We tip CCosplay our own caps to CariokaGo for crafting this bewitched outfit, as abstraction Sakura's magician-like cap cannot accept been an simple task.Singapore-based cosplay photographer, Nicholas Vax, aswell accepted As vaxzone, has a beauteous portfolio of work. Able to abduction absurd shots, he adds a new ambit of activity to the appearance in foreground of the lens. Combined with hana-bira's accomplished cosplay, it's as if Yue has stepped through the TV awning And into absolute life.
The added Guardian of the Clow Cards, Yue draws his ability from the moon, giving him a algid and alarming exoteric which hana-bira's announcement captures. The outfit's detail is incredible, with the anxiously complete wings creating the apparition that Any moment, his continued hair amphibian abaft him.
Cosplayer abracatrena is accepted for her larger-than-life, ablaze cosplay, so her adaptation of The Flower Clow Agenda is an accomplished match. The Flower is a alert agenda who celebrates life. Her ablaze blush dress is bright and works Beautifully with the floral gem architecture on her arch and body, as able-bodied as the flowers that adhere from her ears.
Yet, what makes The Flower so distinctive—and this cosplay so absorbing —is the ample braid pigtails. Curling the agilely absolute blooming wig into tumbling, yet deeply constructed, spirals was no agnosticism a challenge, but abracatrena pulled it off, nailing The Flower's Ivehime on the piece, the brace expertly abduction the breeding and regality of Sakura's Bright outfit. Worn by Sakura during the aperture of New series, Bright Card, it bound became a fan admired as the absurd apparel was a absolute reintroduction to the admired appearance icon.
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