xing wang
by on March 15, 2018
In the second quarter, Maple Leaf's current best two star players, Marner and Kidley, began to make a comeback. 11 minutes and 35 seconds, Maple Leaf took advantage of the strong chance, Riley passed to the ball in a wide range after the blue line intercepted the ball, the latter was blocked by the penguin goalkeeper Jarry, and the ball went badly to Cadiel's pole. Next, Cardy scored the ball quickly. Maple Leaf 3-0 lead (
In 17 minutes and 56 seconds Duoulin of the Penguins scored a goal, but he also received a small penalty of two minutes because of a foul. Maple Leaf added one more point with the strong play. Riley hit the penguin line with the ball and hit the post. The ball bounced back to Marna's pole. Pony kicked the ball and drew two shots. After a shot, the ball rebounded after hitting the post and landed on the body of Jarry. The Maple Leafs made a 4-0 lead.
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