yeah!! I been walking around 301 and 430/431 a lot helping noobs when I can. I was taking this cheap runescape gold one guy from varrock to wizard tower in draynor and we were near draynor, between barb village and draynor, and my laptop crashed! I frantically logged back on but the noob was nowhere to be found. Antman, if you out there I truly am sorry for leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere
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I got screamed at and heavily criticized nearly every day for like 8 years straight. Sounds similar to what you go through. Screamed at for literally no reason OR talked to in a really condescending manner because I like the color red or something equally dumb. Either one or the other, pretty much every day. I go to school and have people telling me I a loser all day,
then come home and get screamed at by family. It a lot of the reason I developed SA to begin with. And it made me extremely jaded. Dealing with patronizing attitudes all the time, being so heavily criticized for a long time will completely fuck up your mental health. Tell your boss you dont like the way he talks to you, and if he continues then just quit,
PrimalPower uLong nightgowns. No pants to pull up, and nothing resting on the incision. I plan on keeping the house a little warmer as well to make up for the lack of leg coverings.A cane. Also pretty cheap on amazon. I really like my fold up one, as I can store it until I need it when I out and about.
Maternity pillow. Last time, I had to pile a bunch of pillows between my partner and I to protect my back from any unexpected movements from my partner during the night. It will also keep me from twisting my back while I sleep. (You can find them pretty cheap used on either craigslist or facebook market)
A "bottom wiping" aid from amazon. There were some very awkward moments during my last surgery I care not to repeat. My last herniated disk was very severe, so I hoping this time I a little more flexible and won even need it.Easy to prepare snacks! Especially the grab and go kind. There were times I could stand and walk to the kitchen, but only for short periods. Fruit is especially good for the first few days while your system recovers from the anesthesia.
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