I have a pretty standard screen dimensions and it worked most of the time however there have been plenty of instances where I would tap and it'd set the marker on the opposing side of a structure and so on. It is finicky to manage but may be happily fixed easily. As a whole, though, Jagex has done a marvelous job bringing the whole experience on the move.
Sitting on my commute while I offered products and cried with friends never gets old. RuneScape was consistently a game that I would play for small bursts in class or at home so using the entire game on a device that highlights that makes perfect sense. If I had to do something, I might just do it.
When I logged into a world where too many people were farming the identical spot, I sighed when I understood I needed to switch into another world. This is because I immediately thought it'd be a pain to determine on Old School RuneScape Mobile. But it was as straightforward as opening up the same tab as I did each time before on my computer. The UI is split up where you tap on one tab to start it and pat it again to close it.
My only issue with all the UI is your chat display. Having it at the top left corner remains something which I am not utilized to. It certainly takes up a good part of the screen and it got particularly annoying when attempting to select something northwest of my current site. Luckily, it is simple (but not well-explained) to minimize but nevertheless an odd option.
Overall, Old School RuneScape Mobile is exactly the same game that you know and love. It runs, looks, and feels just like the same game you have played on PC. As somebody that has been with this game off and on for 12 decades, it feels like that is the exact evolution that the MMO has ever needed. The way that I've always played the game (typically in bursts) feels right at home on my telephone and is a terrific way to pass time on the go.
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