yan zou
Hey how many individuals played at vanilla launching? Did you know they're bundling classic with WoW Classic that is current?
Did you know there are going to be limited servers? Did you stop to consider the huge majority of present WoW Classic players that try classic are most likely going to stop before level 15 because it requires longer time to go from 1-15 in timeless than it does moving from 1-50 in current WoW Classic. Hence the poster is a moron. Can you attempt to play with when any of the servers that are personal launched?
I had friends try to begin playing WoW Classic during the launching of northdale and the lag, disconnects, and lack of doing anything because of 150 men and women in the unread starting zone. I want as many folks to play classic because it provides the incentive to blizzard.
I don't want players to have turned away because 3 minutes they become disconnected and have to sit down at a 10 min q to sit there waiting for a bat to spawn getting disconnected again. If people don't want to play because they do not like WoW Classicplay fine but if they don't want to play with due to the other motives its fucking stupid and a moron if you think its a meals thing.I believe the more people in the more challenging it made WoW Classic.
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